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Underwear & Lingerie Production

​Underwear Production Factory

Providing services for producing and sewing women’s underwear such as bras, panties, closets, bodysuits or according to customer brand designs. You can view the design and follow the design picture with the sewing skills of professional technicians. With expertise and experience for more than 20 years in the production of women’s underwear. We are committed and truly determined to provide services to you and are ready to provide advice and consultation for customers regarding various raw materials. Including instructions on how to sew in detail to meet the needs of the customer as much as possible. We work professionally. If you have any questions or need advice​ Please contact us.


[ ยกทรง ]

We produce and sew bras with underwire and without underwire. We have expertise in bras. and the woman’s body is very good Know how to keep pattern shapes To be beautiful and fit in shape when worn. I understand about materials. and the customer demand base is very good Can be made in various forms Good quality bras come with good patterns and tailoring.


[ คลอเซท ]

We produce and sew closets. We have expertise and expertise in women’s anatomy. Whether the customer wants to make a model with a frame or without a frame, we will focus on keeping the figure compact. Or wear according to the fashion of this era. You will see that people like to just wear a pair of cloaks and leave the house right away. Follow the needs of the customer’s brand A good closet must be paired with a good pattern and sewing as well. You can consult with us about sewing and production.


[ กางเกงใน ]

We produce and sew women’s underwear such as Brief, Panties, Thongs, Bikini, Boyleg, and we can also make LGBTQ style underwear, including other styles. according to customer needs We have good knowledge about raw materials. and can recommend new entrepreneurs very well You can contact to inquire and consult about sewing and production.


[ บอดี้สูท ]

We produce and sew bodysuits. We have expertise and expertise in women’s anatomy. Will focus on keeping the body in proportion. Or you can wear it according to fashion. Nowadays, girls like to wear bodysuits and cover them up with outerwear to leave the house looking beautiful. A good bodysuit must be paired with a good pattern and tailoring. We focus on quality work. So that customers can sell good quality work. For those new to building a brand, we are happy to advise on sewing and production.

Pattern Making

Pattern making service and designs women’s underwear patterns Create a pattern template Including grading the pattern size of other sizes according to the size specs and according to the style you want, with the skill of a professional pattern maker. with direct expertise and expertise in underwear We focus on quality work. Fitting and cutting of patterns, whether it be a bra pattern Underwear pattern Closet pattern Bodysuit pattern Children’s underwear, various styles, breastfeeding bras, and others as needed. from experience Working for more than 20 years for a large company that imports and exports underwear. We therefore have the confidence to provide services and build confidence in our skills. Pattern work that has many different types of difficulty. we can do it

Frequently asked questions

We sincerely hope that these answers will help customers have a better understanding of our shop. And let us help take care of the work for you.

What is your minimum order?

1000 pieces per style per color for underwear.

Can I order multiple colors?

Minimum quantity of multiple colors cannot be made. If you want to add more colors, you must increase the number.

How long does it take?

It depends on the form and difficulty of the work as well as the amount of work. and the work queue that we have For further inquiries, please contact us.

Will the store provide fabric?

Normally, customers find their own fabric, but if they want us to provide service, they can inform us.
There is a processing fee.

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