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Women’s Clothing

​Design & Manufacturing

Women’s clothing design & manufacturing is one of the main services we offer, which includes creating samples and production. We are sure to provide a service to their customers and confidence. We work through a variety of forms through our work with major companies that import and export of garments. And women’s underwear Both exports and domestic work, I also made several brand name as well. If you have questions or need advice please contact us.

Pattern Making

Every client wants their woman’s clothing pattern ideas to come out looking perfect and beautiful. With that being the most important part of the process, we’ll always meets the needs of our customers as we create any garment pattern for you and your business. We do everything from high fashion clothing to uniforms in Bangkok. Always emphasizing craftsmanship and perfection. Cutting edge and beautiful, we have patterning experience going for more than 10 years now. We’re one of the best places for your fashion design and patterning in Bangkok. Please check out our portfolio for some of the major labels with have done business with here in Bangkok. There isn’t a we can’t do with either export and domestic work. If you have questions or need advice please contact us. Thank you!