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Pattern Making

Welcome to our pattern making services and design. We do our patterns with sizing and grading according to the format you need with skilled professionals. With many years of experience in Bangkok and the greater Thailand area, we are committed to providing the best service to our customers, while always building a trust and confidence with our long term clients. We’ve work with many great brand names in the past. We can handle almost anything whether it’s underwear, children’s clothes, lingerie, uniforms, etc. you can see we have a diverse skill set. If you have questions or need advice please contact us. Thank you!

Different Types of Patterns

Pattern is the type of paper that we draw from the designer’s imagination. We have carved the pattern to look exactly like the design. And the size that fits the shape of the wearer and then used in laying down the garment pattern. Since women’s clothes are very detailed, it often takes a keen eye and extra hours to get it just right. Patterns for sewing clothes can be classified into two large categories:

Custom / Made to Order Patterns

Is a cut-to-size design that can be measured only by people There are advantages to the clothes that will fit the body of that person. Because it is a measure of the body model, both the good and the weak, from that person while creating the model Some, but will be subject to design and shape limitations for people There are a lot of uses across ready-made garments. Which is enough to be used But often encounter problems from using many issues From the method of creating complex Lack of consideration of multiple production Not consistent with the pattern for use in sewing for commercial purposes, the cost of the fabric is high because of using waste fabric. And may encounter expensive sewing costs, for example

Industrial Pattern Making

This is the construction of a tailor-made garment, sold using Spec Size standard clothing or as specified by the employer to produce. The method of constructing a model must consider the commercial and production possibilities. Looking at the potential complications And standards of clothing according to the product standard guidelines Which has clear criteria and methods of consideration

Made to Order Pricing 

Individual or individual tailor pattern making is a custom cut based on body size that can be measured by individuals. That person’s body Because it is a measure of Reproducing that person’s physique While creating the model, it may be able to modify the minor parts which will cost more time. Precast industry With expensive fabrics and raw materials And may encounter expensive sewing costs, for example.