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Lingerie & Underwear

​Design & Manufacturing

Lingerie design & manufacturing is one of the main services we offer, which includes creating samples and production. With the expertise and experience of more than 10 years. The lingerie Our commitment and willingness to provide service to you and are ready to build the confidence to customers for sure. We work professionally And with several Brady’s name. The design variants Whether designing lingerie collection tighten them. We can be both difficult and easy instructions on how to sew carefully. We focus on quality lingerie design for any shape or size, always aiming to meet our clients needs. Contact us today!

Pattern Making

We provide patterning services and design for lingerie many different clients. We’ll work to the format you need with skilled professionals. With the expertise and experience of more than 10 years. To big companies which import and export bra. We provide our customers with satisfaction and confidence in our craft. We’ve worked with a long list of major fashion labels, please check our portfolio for examples and variety of formats. We can do a variety of patterns depending on your budget and make sure your pattern is stitched carefully with care. We look forward to working with you. If you have questions or need advice please contact us.