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Clothing Designer & Pattern Maker


Thank you for visiting us for all your clothing manufacturing needs. We have expertise in clothing design and pattern making for women, men, and kids. We look forward to hearing from all of you and are happy to help you with any services you might need in the clothing and fashion world.

Who we are

We have expertise in clothing and fashion with over a decade in the clothing design, fashion, and lingerie industry. All starting from pattern and ending with production. Working with major brands to start up companies in many countries around the world. Exporting brands such as Emporio Armani, Gap, Vera, Lefung, Maxima Kullastri, Jintana Exports and clothing Vijitra and many others. With experience and client satisfaction, we can meet our all of our customer’s requests. We sincerely hope that you can trust in us and work with us. Thank you!

What we do

We provide services and consultations for designing clothes, uniforms, and underwear manufacturing. If you are looking for good quality and service please contact us to get an idea of our quality and craftsmanship. With a friendly price and attentive customer service.

Clothing Design

Design, fashion underwear, children’s underwear outside the collectible action themes and trends of each season or year. According to customer requirements With a skilled professional who has worked for more than 10 years. The fashion and design We are sure to provide the services and assuring customer satisfaction. Through our diverse portfolio Through our work with major companies that import and export of garments. And underwear for both export and domestic work. And we make several brand names.

Pattern Making

Building services footage Northern designer Patricia Fashion underwear, children’s underwear outside the forms you need a skilled professional. Has experienced more than 10 years. We are sure to provide service to customers and build confidence for sure. We already done it with several Brady’s name. Pattern variants We have a diverse portfolio


Garment Production Services According to the formats you want with the professional sewing skills. With vast experience We assure to provide services and build confidence and impressive craftsmanship.